Green Energy

Science and sustainability

We design and build all kinds of unique green energy exhibits, science kits/products that are educational, fun to build and challenging at the same time.

Our mission is to broaden the minds of young students to view the world around them in new ways and that advanced technology can be good thing with emphasis on designing green.

We hope the next generation learns from our mistakes and does a better job in saving our planet. What we do today molds our future of tomorrow, so be aware of what you design and build.

Mr. Lorrie Matchett 
Founder & Special Exhibit Designer

Our Exhibits making news

sharing our discoveries and opening minds

Engineering Week

the Science & Technology Fair at Woodbine Mall

Science Exhibits

Educational and Interactive for the whole family

Human Powered Light –TV-Radio

Exhibit requires 2 people

Learn how to generate electricity using pure human power.

Human Powered Raceway

Exhibit requires 4 people/2 teams

Learn how to generate electricity using pure human power.

Wireless Electricity/Communication

No wires whatsoever!

Imagine a future in which wireless power transfer is feasible; cell phones, household robots, mp3 players, laptop computers and other portable electronics capable of charging themselves without ever being plugged in,

Laser & Light Communication

transmission of human voice & digital data 

Students will learn how to build their own light communication device using cheap electronic parts and more.

The science education revolution has begun

Enquiries: contact Mr. Lorrie Matchett, Founder & Special Exhibit Designer