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We design and build all kinds of green energy kits.

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Wireless Electricity (miniature kit model) 

This is the first kit in the world that allows you to transmit electricity wirelessly between two distant points. You will learn how and why it works and with this knowledge you will be able to expand on it`s design. A great science project for young students of all ages and for those older but not forgotten homebrewed experimenters. 

Pencil Motor (the 2nd generation)

This kit is designed with simplicity in mind and to be fully functional. It is the only permanent magnet wooden pencil motor of its kind that allows you the user to control the rotational speed of the rotor from a few rpm`s up to over 1500 rpm. The main objective behind this motor is to demonstrate how electrical energy is converted into mechanical energy. It also allows the builder to see a practical application of electromagnetism. Its a great science project for students of all ages.

Lorrie's AC / DC Pencil Motor Technical Drawing - DOWNLOAD PDF

Lorrie's AC / DC Pencil Motor Technical Drawing (Wiring Layout) - DOWNLOAD PDF