We Love Science

Hands on Science Fair sponsored by OACETT and others, 2017 


Woodside Square Mall, Scarborough ( McCowan Road / Finch Ave. Scarborough, ON)


Exhibition Time & Date:

10am to 4pm, Saturday, March 25th, 2017

Here are just a few exhibits that may catch your interest, transmitting electricity over a distance without the use of wires, voice / data communication using different kind of light sources / materials and how to ride on a magnetic wave ( maglev train ) along with a chance to win and build one of 24 pre-fabricated pencil motors designed by match-ettscience4all.ca.

To enter to win and build one of these pencil motors on the spot you must be at least 10-years or older...This event is free to attend including parking and it’s for all ages, I hope to see you there.


Material / money donations would be greatly appreciated in the development of new science exhibits for next year’s engineering month and beyond...Our goal with these exhibits is to encourage the next generation of young students into the science technology and engineering fields.

Please contact: ( match-ettscience4all.ca ) or phone: 416-837-1473 between 1pm to 5pm) week days only. Thanks in advance.

Mr. Lorrie Matchett

We hope to see you there!