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Award Winning Students from Bay Area Science Engineering Fair

March 2012

Dear Mr. Matchett,

I had my science fair at Mohawk College. All of my merit judges to special award judges were extremely impressed. My partner and I had won four special awards. Thank you very much again for the help.

Sincerely; Dhwani

(Ontario, Canada)

Students receive 1st Place in the Lakehead Engineering Competition, Innovative Design Category

March 31, 2012

Hey Lorrie,

We've entered an Engineering Competition with a modified form of our project and won! We made new primary bifilar coils in the shape of a rectangle and encased it in a wooden box along with the oscillator circuit. Then we made new secondary coils and attached them to the light bulb fixture bases, which allowed people to see and play with wireless power. You may be able to do something like that for a future exhibit. It was a trade show kind of competition where you had to convince the judges that the project was economically viable and had practical applications. We didn't really prepare what to say and winged it based on what the judges were looking for, but it worked out. I've also attached two pictures from the day we presented the project to our professors (3 days before the competition), just before the presentation started. That also went very well. Feel free to use them for your website.

Thanks once again for giving us the idea of bifilar windings and using the blocking oscillator. Without that, we probably would have been using something a lot less efficient.

As for the Wireless Power document that also details the Bifilar windings, I have some ideas that explain why bifilar winding works so much better, and I will try to work on it as soon as all my exams are done in the next two weeks.

I also have a video of our exhibit during the competition but it is too large to send via email. I will instead send you a Dropbox invitation link (Dropbox allows me to share folders and their contents with you).


Peter Luong, C.E.T.

(Ontario, Canada)

Wireless Electricity Project 2011

June 2011

Hi Mr. Lorrie,

On behalf of my group, I just wanted to say thanks a lot for all the help you gave us. Our project was a success. We were able to transmit electricity wirelessly. We gave our presentation today and most people said that they were really impressed. We mentioned you in the presentation and also added you to the special thanks section.

I have attached a picture of our group to the email along with the prototype we built. From right to left, there's me (Christopher Nartey), Martin Ofosu-Amaah, Alejandro Garcia and at the far left, Joseph Musembi.

Again, thank you so much for all your help.

Christopher (Pennsylvania, USA)

Wireless Electricity Project

May 2011

Hi Lorrie,

I finally finished the project and it was a success, my daughter was extremely happy when we got it working, thanks again for all your help.

Addys Wireless Electricity project
( )



Jerry Grammont: Long Island, New York, USA

P.S I would like to know more about the car project so that I can work on it as well.

Wireless Electricity Project (seventh grade)

March 2011

Hi Lorrie,

Thank you so much for your help earlier. As promised, I am attaching my daughter's science fair report and some pictures of the circuit and the board which she used at school to present.

The good news is that she got selected for Synopsis science fair. Her seventh grade has about 75 students. My guess is approximately10 students got selected, not sure of exact number. She will try to enhance the project for Synopsis science fair like may be by putting some material in between the coils, taking measurements with different diameters coils or separation at angles. Will also look at the doc you sent for optional part. But she has some time for that so she will look into it during her winter break.

Thanks again for all your help. She is so excited to have been selected. The project was really good and I am so glad you decided to put it on “YouTube” so we were able to find and understand it.



Calgary Science Olympics 2011

March 2011

The project was a success and really advanced. A great experience for me and my partner Srikrishna Karnatapu to be at the Calgary Science Olympics with more than 400 participants.

My special thanks to a great Science-Physics Researcher & Inventor (Scientist) - Lorrie Matchett of Toronto. He really helped with the project and guided us throughout the week by providing diagrams and documents of his work which led us to be recognized by the Calgary Science Olympics with a “Bronze Medal”.

Thank you,

Pranay Patel (Gr:10)

Partners: Pranay Patel & Srikrishna Karnatapu
The Project: Wireless Electricity
Location: Victoria Park Stampede
Date: March 18/19, 2011
Time: 7:00 Am - 3:00 Pm

Sponsors: BP, Devon Canada, Nexen

Wireless Electricity 2011 (Cambridge, Ma. USA)

March 2011

Dear Lorrie Matchett,

Let me introduce myself. This is Amador Menéndez Velázquez, a scientist at MIT coming from Spain. I am also very interested in popular science. Recently I wrote a book about Nanotechnology. I can send you a copy if you speak Spanish. I saw your demonstrations about Wireless Electricity. It is fantastic. Congratulations!!!

I would love to give some lectures in Spain and show your devices and also your videos on “Youtube”.

I would also like to show the videos and devices to some institution who gives awards for foreign people interested in popular science. I would love you could be the winner.



Science Fair Project, Wireless Transmitted Electricity

March 2011

Dear Lorrie Matchett,

My name is Brennon Martinez and I attend Don Bosco Tech high school in the city of RoseMead and I am a senior this year. I am doing a science fair project that has to do with “Wireless Transmitted Electricity” and I was wondering if you can help out because my buddy and I ran into some problems. Our project is exactly like yours, but the only thing different that we are trying to do is to measure how far apart the coils can be, but still be able light up a light bulb.

Ps: Do you have any schematic that we can use? We will make sure to give you credit in our science fair project. Also, if you would like more information on my schools, please check out our school`s website...

 Thank you for your time


Brennnon Martinez

Southern California; USA

Thank You, Electrical Engineering Student (Philippines)

March 2011

Good Day Sir,

I was looking for a Physics Project (electricity) recently and found your video on youtube (link: I would like to do the same for my school project but I don't know how to build the oscillator circuit. Can you email me the circuit diagram? Thanks Sir I hope you'll be able to respond to this message.

I live in the Philippines and I am in 2nd year College Electrical Engineering. Thank you so much sir for the circuit drawing / documents, more power to you. I hope you will post more helpful videos in regards to electricity, thanks for uploading.

Once again, thank you Sir Lorrie!



Electrical Engineering Student


Wireless Power Transfer

March 2011


I have been watching your videos on wireless power transfer and find it very interesting. How did you do it so you could power a light bulb, Id like to do the same but with led lights? Also I read that piezo transducers can be used to transmit power through objects such as walls, plastics etc. Can you advise me please as I have some good ideas?


Adam Berry (

Manager, (UK)

Thank You

April 2011

Dear Mr. Lorrie Matchett

This is Jason from Ontario, I just want to say thank you again, the fair went well, all thanks to your support, I'll keep following your works on your website. Thank you so much =)

Jason Chen

(Ontario, Canada)

Thank You from "Big Matchett Fans" in Nashville (USA)

February 2011

Thank you very much for your suggestions...big “Matchett” fans down here. If you are ever down this way (Nashville) don't hesitate in letting us know. We will treat you to meals and a tour.

You might consider putting together a book on your experiments and sell it on Amazon...It's free to publish and they will deposit 70% of the selling price directly into your bank account. I just finished a novel there, it was fun.

Thanks again for your cool demos and courteous reply.

Ken Pence, (Nashville, USA)

Light Communication Exhibit

March 16, 2010


Thank-you for the email! I was surprised that they chose me?  It truly should have been “You” as all the exhibits were done by you and credit should go to you!


Ontario Science Centre Invitation

Oct. 2009


I wanted to see if you would be willing to come to the Ontario Science Centre (OSC) for our Earth Hour Activities on Sat Mar 28th 2009.

Last yr the over 2,500 folks attending really enjoyed your twister powered dance platforms and we would love to feature them again.

Please get back to me at your earliest convenience with any ?'s.

Best Regards,


Wireless Electricity 2009

Sep 16, 2009


Impressive work! I am employed at a project like yours. Please forward the oscillator circuit to me, In advance, thank you. 


The Green Living Show

March 26, 2008


I just came across an article on your disco-generators and am quite fascinated. I am the Operations Director for the Green Living Show ( and was hoping that we might chat to see if we can bring you into our April show somehow (April 25-27, 2008). Our floor space is close to being sold out, but perhaps I could find some room in the Kids Zone if you were interested in featuring your very cool product!

Kind regards,


Electric motor (Malvern Mall)‏

March 8, 2007


Hi Lorrie,

Can I have a copy of the circuit motor please?

I was one of the OACETT exhibitors at the “Malvern Town Centre” during this years engineering week.  I spoke to you about the pencil motor, and you gave me a few parts for free. You also said that I should email you for the circuit diagram. Your Exhibit was more than an eye opener. Thank you.