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MatchettScience4All Draws Crowds at the Science & Technology Fair

Technicians and Technologists (OACETT), March 2017, Toronto

Pictured above: Lorrie Matchett, from, demonstrating the workings of a custom maglev train, which he designed.

Pictured above: Lorrie Matchett's Pencil Motor Exhibit.

A short video of Pencil Motor kit that was donated by, assembled & tested by Catherine along with her mother, possibly the next upcoming scientist / engineer of tomorrow, time will tell...

Match-ettScience4all Exhibits on display at National Chemistry Week to Help Inspire and Educate Kids

October 2016, Toronto

"Geremy Agabin, 14, demonstrates how to power a car with hydrogen as Lorrie Matchett, a scientist volunteer, looks on at a National Chemistry Week fair on Saturday, Oct. 29, at Woodside Square...(photo/MIKE ADLER)

“We do this to plant a seed,” Lorrie Machett, a volunteer with a background in aviation and nuclear sciences. “If they come here, they might light up like a Christmas tree, and say 'that’s cool'"
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MatchettScience4All Draws Crowds at the Science & Technology Fair at Woodbine Mall

Hosted by the west chapter of The Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists (OACETT), March 2016, Toronto

Pictured above: Lorrie Matchett, demonstrating Maglev Train Technology.

Group shot.

Lorrie Matchett, receiving the Certificate of Participation from OACETT.

Lorrie Matchett, demonstrating Light Communication.

The Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists (OACETT), Toronto East Chapter

National Engineering Month, Malvern Town Centre, March 2014

Pictured above: NEM Organizing committee with several key Volunteers – Back row from L to R: Perry John, C.E.T. Pasha Mohammed, C.Tech, Ed Prillo, C.E.T., Mazin Audeh, C.E.T., David Chow C.E.T., Joe Ciccone, C.E.T. and Clive Banton, C.E.T. Front row from L to R: Mohammed Ali (Mining Engineer), Lorrie Matchett (Freelance Scientist), Jose Catilo, C.E.T., Cylma Foxton, C.E.T., Terry Hudson (Scientist in Schools) and Mark LaFleche.

National Engineering Month

March 2013, Malvern Town Centre, Toronto

Pictured above: Chum, a volunteer demonstrating one of Lorrie's science exhibits. Great job!

Engineering Week

March 3, 2012, Toronto

Pictured above: Lorrie demonstrating wireless electricity to possible future engineers.

Mr. Lorrie Matchett Honoured at East Chapter Awards Night

March 2011, Toronto

Pictured above: "Ed Prillo, C.E.T. (left), Clive Banton, C.E.T. (second from left), Vic Catilo, C.E.T. (right), Mazin Audeh, C.E.T. (second from right), Pasha Mohammed, C.Tech. (third from right), with award recipient Lorrie Matchett (centre) who was honoured for his National Engineering Month contributions. Matchett, an engineering technician, has demonstrated numerous science experiments to students at the Toronto East Chapter's annual Engineering Month event."

Earth Hour at the Ontario Science Centre

March 2010, Toronto

Pictured above: Anna on the "Human Powered Light Exhibit" (left) and Jason on the "Human Powered Light Exhibit" (right).

"Earth Hour at the Ontario Scienc Centre may have been without lights for an hour, but the "Human Powered Light Exhibit", along with a demonstration on "Wireless Electricity" helped to energize the crowd. The evening was a human powered success and if you missed it you'll have to wait until next year."

Light Communication Exhibit - Malvern Town Centre

March 2010, Toronto

The Green Living Show

May 2008, Toronto

Pictured above: Showcased a one of kind electric generator called a “Flow-a-Volt” invented by Lorrie Matchett of Toronto; it transforms acid rain or plain tap water into usable electricity - enough to power a led light bulb.

Engineering Week

March 2008, Toronto

Pictured above: Lorrie with a few engineering week volunteers.